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Ars Electronica 1994
Festival-Catalog 1994 (Part 01)
Festival-Program 1994
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Preface Karl Gerbel
Intelligent Ambients – CYBER ART Peter Weibel
Piazza Virtuale: SERVICE AREA A.I. Ponton European Media Art Lab
Intelligent Ambience: Video Program Kathy Rae Huffman / Carole Ann Klonarides
Gates - Seven and Haunted Mark Trayle
Flow Charly Steiger
Cinema Spike Karin Hazelwander
SABOTAGE™ XIII Robert Jelinek
Atlantis Construct Andreas Thaler / Christoph Fürst
Trigger Your Text Elfriede Jelinek / Gottfried Hüngsberg / Hannes Franz
Secret of Life Bruno & Peter Sandbichler / Constanze Ruhm
The Negated Room Albina Mirella D´Urbano
Plan Fareed Armaly
Bar Code Hotel Perry Hoberman
Spatial Locations, Version III Hermen Maat / Ron Miltenburg
Architexture Supreme Particles
E-H Monique Mulder / Dirk Lüsebrink / Gideon May
Chaos Cube - Interactive Model Worlds Michael Klein
Electronic Mirror 2 Christian Möller
As Far As In-Between Martin Kusch
The Intelligent Mailman Michael Bielicky
Golden Calf Jeffrey Shaw
Brotherhood - Table III Woody Vasulka
Network Skin Joachim Sauter / Christian Möller
Cyber City Flight Art & Com
Intelligent products
Alles Spiel - Audience Participation Loren Carpenter / Rachel Carpenter /  CinematrixTM
Electronisches Fest STWST
The Sound of One Hand Jaron Lanier
X-TOPIA Elliot Sharp /  Soldier String Quartet
Oily Sam Soldier String Quartet / Ken Valitsky
Carthasis Günther Rabl
Electro Clips Stephen Galloway / Christian Möller
Fiesta Electra Friedrich Gulda /  Paradise Band
Intelligent/Ambient Techno Underground Resistance /  United Frequences of Trance
15 Years Ars Electronica OÖ. Landesmuseum Francisco Carolinum
Prix Ars Electronica 94 ORF Landesstudio
Computer and Games ÖKS
With the Eyes of Architecture Offenes Kulturhaus
public intervention Galerie Maerz