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Floating Points im OMV Klangpark
Dark Symphony

Brucknerhaus, Donaupark
08.09. to 11.09. from 10:00
curated by Tim Didymus (UK)

A 250,000-watt acoustic ambience in the Donaupark; the star of this year’s show: KOAN music software. Generative tonal algorithms provide the soundscape in the park on the banks of the Danube, with software assuming the role of composer.

Dark Symphony - a unique retrospective featuring works by international artists using KOAN software.

Mixed and edited by Al Jolley and Tim Didymus

Contributors: Paul Cohen, Tim Cole, Tim Didymus, Brian Eno, Andrew Garton, Richard Garrett, Steve Grainger, Michael Hagleitner, Mark Harrop, Al Jolley, Yoshio Machida, Kelvin L. Smith, Emilia Telese, Mashashi Genzan Yano


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