DAT – Digital Art & Technology

An Ars Electronica exhibition in collaboration with the Singapore Science Centre

One of the most important challenges for our high tech society is the communication between man and machine. It’s an issue critical for competition in any imaginable area. Only if we are able to develop new interfaces, much more intuitive, much more driven by the needs of users, much more focused on the strength and capabilities of humans, we will be able to make use of all these promises of new technologies. Simplicity has become a magic word, but it is not only a question of simple devices, it even more requires to enhance our skills and competences.
These are challenges that need new and creative thinking, not determined by the viewpoints of technicians and the industry. That’s one of the main reasons why the artistic work with new technologies has gained such a strong attention also outside the world of art. It’s the different way to look at it, the different way to use it.
The projects of this Ars Electronica Exhibition are eye- and mind opening prototypes; they show us surprising ways how we can use all senses of our bodies to interface with the virtual and digital world. They teach us that we shouldn’t be comfortable being just a good user or customer of new technologies but that it’s much more fun to be a creator.